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kids can watch Chota Bheem cartoons on, here is compilation of several of animations where you can watch many other sort of video as there are a lot of categories inside it.


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Motu and Patlu are renowned cartoons of nickolodean channel, and this whole story is based on two friends Motu who is fat enough and who always seek samosas and the other one is Patlu who is thin enough and opposite of his companion, he is also wise comparatively than his friend. In the same way both of them are residing in fictitious town which is known as Purphuri Nagar. They are living with their other companions Dr. Jhatka, Inspector Chingum, Ghasetaram. All of them always try to help each other in bad circumstances and every time Dr. Jhatka and Motu create the problems and due to these two characters their friends suffer a lot. There is a character who tries to make them fool and always try to beat them every time and that is Jhon who is a thief by profession and stole jewelries as well as other precious ornaments of people of town, he also steal money from banks as well as from residential area.

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Apart from this series kids can get a lot of entertainment stuff from; they can Watch Chota Bheem Cartoon , Ben ten, Dora as well as Barbie which is prominent enough in the world of cartoons and children’s most favorite animated character. In the same way from this platform you can get many other cartoons such as lonely tunes, oggy and cockroaches and many other videos which are most fascinating. Now little teens do not need to seek things from any other platform as they can get numerous of stuff here in arranged form, all of episodes exist on this site. So they should try it once if they really want to safe their time as well as money because seeking the same stuff from other sites which are not arranged as well as you have to pay money in order to watch videos. So you should try the thing which is offering same material free of cost.

How Kids Can enhance Their Drawing Skills Through Animated Online Cartoons

Drawing is an Art which is best for those who are willing to be an artist, albeit it is not easy to draw a sketch of anything it needs attention as well as strength of your mind and also you have to consume a lot of your energy. Anyways if you are practicing since childhood then you can become a professional artist but becoming a professional artist is not easy as you should have interest as well as you should be enthusiast about it. Nevertheless kids who are willing to be a drawer in future can get assistance and can make practice from several of sources given on internet which can provide you such videos and you can make their sketches as they can Watch Motu Patlu video and after completing these videos they can make their sketches and images, those kids who have aim to be a sketcher can easily get a lot of advantages from such sources this is time if you do practice from this age and when you will grew up you will become a professional sketcher or painter. This time is precious for them in order to fulfill their desire if they do not practice their desire will be vanished so try and make a lot of rehearsal for the accomplishment of your objective.

Moreover there are many other platform through which children can get a lot of assistance such as they can Watch Tom and Jerry cartoon episodes and can make sketches of Tom as well as famous Jerry. In the same way inside them they will get many other characters and they can make sketches of any of them, these cartoons are totally free of cost, they do not demand anything so you should make rehearsal and can avail this precious time in order to complete your goals.

Scope of Animation Movies in Near Future

Scope of Animation movies as well as pictures are nowadays at its peak, as every department especially in India used Animation images in order to disclose everything with the assistance of images or pictures. As we know that an animated picture can disclose or reveal its purpose in front of viewers within a second, the viewers have to focus their contemplation for a while and he can understand everything inside. Those photos which are printed on paper can easily convey the message to observer. In the same way you can conveniently understand the message. On other hand in India the trend of using images and making understand the watcher with the assistance of these photos is increasing day by day and at the moment this trend has been implemented in numerous of Indian Departments.

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Such as in Medical, in Film industry which is more renowned and prominent from all, Advertising as they use such things in order to advertise their product as well as services, Automobile and many other like that such as in News and communication moreover Fashion and textile also uses such thing in order to make their business more adorable and reliable simply all these photos are used in order to make understand their customers, viewers and visitors as such things have more power than words, within few seconds you can easily recognize the purpose so it is lucrative, same in case Kids Watch Motu Patlu in Hindi which can appease them more, anyways according to FICCI- PWC India animation Industry can make round about 0.31 billion United States Dollars each year so it is a big accomplishment that they are earning much more from animation. And soon they will earn a lot because it trend is increasing or enhancing as time passes.

Scooby Doo and Other Best Cartoon Movies for Little Angels

Have you seen Scooby doo before or not? If not then you should start watching them because it is one of the marvelous animated series among all other cartoons. It is based on mysterious series and each episode is different from other as it is full of suspense as well as with thrill so you will be amuse while watching them in extra hours. There were a guy whose name was Shaggy and along with him there were several of his companions and Scooby dog was his most favorite as well as best friend and he always share his feeling with him and whenever he face any sort of problem in his life that dog always try to assist him out. In the same way he and his friend went out of country in order to get amuse through the beauty of the world and in each trip they face a big problem, in each trip they face some mysterious problems and wherever they stay at night they became scared of something and due to their collaboration they find out the solution of their hurdle and take themselves out of danger. This series is amazing as well as funny while watching it you will laugh a lot. Along with this you will get entertain through the mischievous actions of Shaggy and his friend Scooby.

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Motu Patlu are famous due to their friendship, there was a fictitious village where both of them were residing in single home together, they loved each other and always try to solve their problems collaborate and always worked together like brother, they have some companions such as Gaseeta Ram, Doctor Jhatka as well as inspector Chingum who always spend their extra time with Motu Patlu. The amazing thing about their friendship is that they always assist each other whenever they face any sort of problem created by Jhon and his partners or any other rival.

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Top 2 Cartoon Movies which are Preferred in Year 2015 & 2014

As year 2015 is on its end and within few days New Year will be started, anyways in this year various sort of animated series have been came but few of them were superb and being preferred by number of folks as well as kids, as some of series are common such as kids like to Watch Motu Patlu new cartoon and many other but today I am writing about those movies which are considered the top and best of year 2015 as well as year 2014.


In a beautiful valley there was a king and Queen who were residing prosperously along with their daughters Anna as well as Elsa, both of them were so beautiful the elder one was Elsa and Anna was young than her sister. The most wondering thing about king’s elder daughter was that she had some power which was little bit unique as she was able to transform everything into ice with touching it with her hands and due to some magic spells. It was dangerous of her; one day when both of sisters were playing at their palace she injured her younger sister. And eventually she locked up in a room and her father did not give her permission to meet with another daughter so after few days her father and mother travelled for another country by sea route and their ship was grasped in thunder storm and both of them were killed in sea storm. So Elsa has to took oath in front of public so after three years the day came when she has to wear the crown of Queen, she came in front of people and party was arranged many other princes and other authority members were came from all part of the world in his party after taking oath and wearing crown she did mistake in front of people and her power was disclosed in front of public so everyone called her magician and she ran away from her palace and went on toward mountains and made her own palace of Ice where she live alone happily, but her little fellow chased her and try to find her out and eventually she was succeeded. This story is full of joy albeit I am not going to write the entire story here due to shortage of time so can watch it on Internet and on many other sources.

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Ben 10 Cartoons Famous In all Over the world

Ben 10 Cartoons are on its peak and has been watched by several of people including kids as well as young boys, this series is one of the best among all cartoons of the world. The story of this series is quite different from all other folks. As there is 10 year old boy who has distinctive power as he had a watch through which he can transform himself or human nature into alien shape. He found that watch when he was going along with his grandfather as well as with his cousin Gwen in order to enjoy summer vacations. On the way he saw flames and eventually he chased them and reached the relevant place where he find a box in which he found a wrest watch. Initially he was not aware about the alien power but he did not take much time to under the functions of that watch.

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Anyways when he got the alien power he also face numerous of challenges that were so dangerous as well as risky he could lost his life. In the series of Ben ten you people will able to see dispute between Ben as well as Vilgax and many other rivals such as Hybrids and many more like them. In the same way he also get assistance from his friend in order to secure the universe, such as Kevin who is his best friend as well as from Gwen who is his cousin and Kevin’s girlfriend, in the same way his grand Pa Max also assist him numerous of times whenever he is in danger all of them assist him.

Ben 10 cartoons online

Anyways I these animated series are being watched by many people along the globe and the amazing thing about this animated series is that you can watch Ben 10 cartoons online on internet, so get entertain through this new and latest cartoons series.

You can watch Motu Patlu cartoons online in high quality