Top 2 Cartoon Movies which are Preferred in Year 2015 & 2014

As year 2015 is on its end and within few days New Year will be started, anyways in this year various sort of animated series have been came but few of them were superb and being preferred by number of folks as well as kids, as some of series are common such as kids like to Watch Motu Patlu new cartoon and many other but today I am writing about those movies which are considered the top and best of year 2015 as well as year 2014.


In a beautiful valley there was a king and Queen who were residing prosperously along with their daughters Anna as well as Elsa, both of them were so beautiful the elder one was Elsa and Anna was young than her sister. The most wondering thing about king’s elder daughter was that she had some power which was little bit unique as she was able to transform everything into ice with touching it with her hands and due to some magic spells. It was dangerous of her; one day when both of sisters were playing at their palace she injured her younger sister. And eventually she locked up in a room and her father did not give her permission to meet with another daughter so after few days her father and mother travelled for another country by sea route and their ship was grasped in thunder storm and both of them were killed in sea storm. So Elsa has to took oath in front of public so after three years the day came when she has to wear the crown of Queen, she came in front of people and party was arranged many other princes and other authority members were came from all part of the world in his party after taking oath and wearing crown she did mistake in front of people and her power was disclosed in front of public so everyone called her magician and she ran away from her palace and went on toward mountains and made her own palace of Ice where she live alone happily, but her little fellow chased her and try to find her out and eventually she was succeeded. This story is full of joy albeit I am not going to write the entire story here due to shortage of time so can watch it on Internet and on many other sources.

For more excitement or recreation Watch Chota bheem Cartoon pogo


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