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Motu and Patlu are renowned cartoons of nickolodean channel, and this whole story is based on two friends Motu who is fat enough and who always seek samosas and the other one is Patlu who is thin enough and opposite of his companion, he is also wise comparatively than his friend. In the same way both of them are residing in fictitious town which is known as Purphuri Nagar. They are living with their other companions Dr. Jhatka, Inspector Chingum, Ghasetaram. All of them always try to help each other in bad circumstances and every time Dr. Jhatka and Motu create the problems and due to these two characters their friends suffer a lot. There is a character who tries to make them fool and always try to beat them every time and that is Jhon who is a thief by profession and stole jewelries as well as other precious ornaments of people of town, he also steal money from banks as well as from residential area.

motu patlu

Apart from this series kids can get a lot of entertainment stuff from; they can Watch Chota Bheem Cartoon , Ben ten, Dora as well as Barbie which is prominent enough in the world of cartoons and children’s most favorite animated character. In the same way from this platform you can get many other cartoons such as lonely tunes, oggy and cockroaches and many other videos which are most fascinating. Now little teens do not need to seek things from any other platform as they can get numerous of stuff here in arranged form, all of episodes exist on this site. So they should try it once if they really want to safe their time as well as money because seeking the same stuff from other sites which are not arranged as well as you have to pay money in order to watch videos. So you should try the thing which is offering same material free of cost.


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